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An herbal therapy prescription is a cocktail of several different herbs custom-tailored to treat your individual condition. The herbs are natural medicines in their inherent state, containing active ingredients along with other natural components that aid your body’s ability to utilize them. The main herbal ingredients chosen target the underlying cause of your specific ailment or disorder. Additional herbs are added to the custom blend to account for your individual yin/yang condition and to catalyze the ingredients’ effectiveness for your condition


Chinese herbs have been taken for thousands of years to prevent illness and other body problems before they occur. This is accomplished by keeping the body’s natural defenses in proper balance with a routine maintenance program. This can be effective to ward off colds, flu, cancers, back pain, headaches, and other chronic problems. In most cases, your quality of life is noticeably improved.


When your body has been pushed beyond its limits, an imbalance occurs which often leads to painful ailments or disorders. After a comprehensive diagnosis, a customized blend of Chinese herbs will be prescribed to treat the cause of the pain or illness. Unlike Western medicine prescriptions which focus on relieving symptoms, Chinese herbal therapy targets the causes which will reduce the pain and can eliminate it altogether. Physical and emotional problems that result from hormonal imbalances, inflammation, stress, depression, addictions, PMS, menopause, or chronic pain can be effectively treated with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

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